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WomenShade Magazine is only monthly magazine of Pakistan exclusively working for promotion of women's rights and freedom, and is now into seventh year of continuous publication..

WomenShade Magazine has legal status of magazine as it has been awarded “Declaration” by the competent authority of the government of Pakistan, and is registered with press registration authority Islamabad. Magazine is also ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) certified.

Magazine has been successful in raising awareness on women's rights and freedom and served as forum for expressing ideas openly and freely and discussing about issues relating to women which otherwise are not debated due to being closed society when it comes to matters relating to women.

All articles in magazin are reviewed by the independent editorial board , who are solely responsible for deciding upon their acceptance, rejection or need for revision, based upon their appropriateness to the mission of the publication. All staff-written news reports are also be going through the same process of review

Editorial board

Editorial board of the magazine is independent, comprised of renowned gender specialists, women rights activists, political scientists, board set parameters of each magazine's thematic content, and eview and advise on the main content. The editorial standpoint of the magazine does not reflect a WSP and NED “official view”, and instead is one of a convener, drawing together articles, news and research relating to women issues, reflecting a spectrum of views as broad as possible.

Editorial mission

Mission of the magazine is to give voice of the voiceless, to raise awareness on women's rights and freedom, serve as platform for free and open discussion on different ideas, principles and matters relating to women's rights and serve as source of information and guidance about problem faced by women and girls of Pakistan, magazine combine articles which create better understanding of different problem and women rights violations in the country, advocate for promotion of women's active participation in politics and make political party and policy maker accountable.

Editorial philosophy

WomenShade magazine recognizes that the first step towards solving problem, in the society like ours, is to encourage free and open exchange of opinion and ideas effecting women and democracy.

Target Audience

Target group of the WomenShade magazine includes general publ ic especially women, policy formers and decision makers, politicians, Government departments, NGOs, media, educational institutions, libraries Lawyers, Academia and various organizations etc, itl seek to reach out to new audience outside these spheres to make society more friendly, democratic and just for women.


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Adress: 13-D, 3rd Floor, Agha Siraj Complex, Circular Road, Quetta. Pakistan. Phone: 92 082=1 2866070, info@womenshade.org
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Short film FREEDOM on the topic of women rights produced by WomenShade won "Eye to Heart Short Film Contest" in America.
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